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    Dear Guest of this homepage,

    Welcome on the internet-page of the clinical picture of Fibrous Dysplasia (FD). The content of this internet presentation is based up-on the recommendation and idea of FD-patients. Our main topic is to show the appearance of FD in the cranium area. This web-page is mainly developed due to a dissertation of the clinic and policlinic of oral- and maxillofacial surgery at the university of Bonn.

    J., Selbstbildnis (2009), In diesem Selbstbildnis versucht J., ihre Gesichtsasymetrie darzustellen.

    J., self-portrait (2009). With this self-portait J. tries to display her facial-dissymmetry

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     J., Selbstbildnis (2007)

    J., self-portrait (2007), “my awful scars”. J. was diagnosed in 2007 with MAS/FD. Back then she was 7 years old. After seeing various doctors, J. painted this self-portrait in summer 2007.

    The idea to create an internet-page to inform concerned patients, was being developed during the process of close cooperation with National- and International patients. Many of them found themselves pretty much alone on the wide floor, after being diagnosed with MAS/FD.

    There was almost no info available and MAS/FD offers a wide-spread range. The whole purpose of this page was not to create a high science based article but rather to create a web-page which informs about the dimension, options and various forms of FD.

    To reach this goal, we tried to explain certain terms, radiological and histological pictures in a way that is mostly understandable for non-medical scientists/doctors. This was the exact wish of many patients. In case of more detailed questions, you are welcome to contact our team via this e-mail address

    Since this web-page still is being build-up and will continuously be up-dated in the future, you are welcome to send helpful suggestions to our team. Thank you!

    J., Selbstdarstellung (2009)

    J., self-portrait (2009).

    Our special gratitude goes to all patients who enabled us to create this web-page, as a return. At this point, we close this text with the aptly words by Oliver Sacks, copied out of his book about “megrim”: You offered me a clinical reality, of which all studies take their outcome and where all thoughts properly have to be checked. In a real sense this is …..your web-page.